Anti-Vaxx actor denies science, calls California Gov. a 'fascist'

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Wait a sec. Jim Carey expressly states he is “I am not anti-vaccine. I am anti-thimerosal, anti-mercury.” So posting a headline that he is a anti-vaxxer is just as guilty of ignoring the facts as you claim he is.

Doin’t do crap like this BB.

He is also denying clear evidence that he is an anti-vaxxer.


When the dude is leading the “Green Our Vaccines” movement; that points to being less an anti-vaxxer and more a vaccination critic. Look, I’m not defending his attitudes or beliefs; I’m criticizing you and BB from doing the same headline manipulation B.S. that Fox does for things. You are better than that. Don’t do it.


Please provide proof that mercury exists in vaccines that California is mandating, and also that it has negative effects. Do the same for aluminum. You want to talk about facts, then you better provide some.

Carey is advocating for the deaths of children via preventable diseases. There’s really no way around that. He’s support McCarthy’s crusade, which was made up of nothing but outright lies and ableism.


Jim Carey’s a damned liar then, on top of everything else. The FDA already had manufacturers remove thimerosal as a preservative from childhood vaccines to prevent this kind of nonsense.


Has nobody told Mr. Carrey that his dreaded Thimerosal isn’t being used in any of the vaccines being required by the state? Or is he a mercury truther?


“I am not anti-vax I have vaccinated friends”


“I’m not a racist, I just don’t like people who aren’t white. Stop ignoring the facts!”

How can you be “anti-mercury”? Against mercury poisoning, I could understand (and who would favor that?); but against all the legitimate uses of mercury? Sounds like someone is using shorthand for… (bad science refs to) vaccines.


Some greek pantheon thing?


First it was Pluto; now they’ll stop at nothing!


Have you looked at mercury lately? It’s basically the Sun’s Moon.


Never thought Earth First! and the Anti-Vaxxers would team up.


I am under the impression that “Green Our Vaccines” is functionally an antivax movement in that they deem all existing vaccines to be unsafe by their standards. Do you have information to the contrary, such as a vaccine they endorse for routine childhood use?


And has been for years.


He supported Jenny McCarthy in trying to defend Andrew Wakefield’s fraud science. He doesn’t accept the preponderance of evidence that the no longer presence of mercury in vaccines cause autism. So he’s a lying anti-vaxxer.
Phil Plait says it very well:
Bad Astronomy


Honestly, I doubt any of these people even know that the form of mercury that was found in vaccines was ethylmercury which is quickly eliminated from the body (half-life 10 days). Getting mercury poisoning from ethylmercury would be quite a feat.


As a leader in the “No brown town” movement I object to being referred to as anti-gay. I’m only against buggery and non-productive intercourse.

Calling me anti-gay is something a Fox news would do and not a reputable news outlet. I support gay people as long as there is no anal sex and any intercourse will result in a child being born.


I don’t know 100% where Celebrities get their info, but just a casual glance got me this:

Govt Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data From Website
Thousands of teenage girls enduring debilitating illnesses after routine school cancer vaccination
Two killed, 37 sickened after reactions to vaccine in Mexico

And when combined with this doozy:
Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?

I can see how someone might extrapolate Fascism in this law.

I clicked your first link, and immediately found a reporter that could be called a crazy right-wing conspiracy theorist, at best. She continues to repeat the lie that vaccines cause autism on her website (There is no evidence of this), which is also a SO WHAT - you’d rather children die from horrible, preventable diseases, then they be autistic?

That’s fucking sick. That’s fucking pathetic. That’s MONSTEROUS

I don’t know where you get your info, but it’s been proven Carey got his from a guy who literally made up his claims out of wholecloth and outright lied in order to make money off of dead children.

I can see how someone might extrapolate the idea that Jim Carey wants children to suffer and die for the profit of others off of that tweet. I can see how someone might extrapolate the same to you, given that you linked to people who are lying and putting the safety of children at risk to do just that.