Little girl not particularly pumped to be on this amusement park ride at all, actually

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that was pretty cute…i like that she was still “wooing” with that facial expression and as little enthusiasm as possible.


This will be useful in the eventual emancipation lawsuit.


Then you’d’ve loved us at our company’s AGMs.



As a parent I can say that she almost certainly begging to go back on it again a few minutes after it was over.

Kids facing a new experience:

‘I don’t know and it’s freaky, but the adults seem OK so I’ll go along with it and say ‘whee’ like mom wants me to’

‘Wow, that was exciting and I didn’t die like I initially thought. I want to do it again!’

2nd time on ride ‘Genuine Whee!’

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By a strange coincidence, “How’re we gonna get down from here?” Is the title of my proposed national anthem, to replace the star spangled banner.


Sounds like a talking heads song.

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If life is a rollercoaster-like ride, I am this little girl.


This is how I was as a kid. Once on the rides, I couldn’t understand the hype.

What do you mean “Because it’s an amusement park”? If I am not amused, can I get a refund?

Now I can kind of appreciate water parks, or rides which actually go somewhere. But I still get annoyed by the many rides which seem to be different ways of spinning people in circles.

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As a child who did not like roller coasters, you are likely projecting.

Like Marla Singer projects her inner Dionne Warwick?

Perhaps. I didnt like them much either, which was why I was so surprised
when my kids responded to that stuff as I described above

God bless you, Mom!

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