Hilarious video of every parent at Disney parks ever

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“You know what I wanna ride? A park bench in the shade!”

Roger That!


Man, that looks like hell on earth


It can be that. It can also be a fantastically fun vacation with the family. Sometimes both at the same time (based upon my personal experience).





He nailed it. Went once, aint ever gonna go near one again because of exactly the sort of shit he called out.

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We stayed late one day to see the fireworks. My daughter was just five, so I lifted her up onto my shoulders. She stayed awake for the whole show, and stayed up there for the walk out of the park. Then she fell asleep on my shoulders as we navigated the crowds. That’s a happy memory for me.

And the look on her face when the first time a cast member called her Princess.

AND the look on her face in the picture from Space Mountain. She was just barely big enough to ride, and it was her first roller coaster. I was worried she wouldn’t like it, but that was a look of pure joy on her face. Apparently she was born to ride roller coasters.

And also when she met Tinkerbell. Holy cow. The cast member playing Tinkerbell was amazing, and my daughter was so happy to meet her that she almost couldn’t talk.

Good stuff.


I feel especially bad for parents whose kids just want to play on simple playground equipment, such as these slides at Disney California Adventure that my kids COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF.


It was driving me nuts and I only drove 40 minutes to get there and paid nothing to get in.


“This ain’t Six Flags!”

True dat.


Like when your cat ignores the expensive cat tree you just assembled, to play in the box it was shipped in.


“Ohhh, you want to go to a Small World all by yourself, huh? Well it’s gonna turn into a pretty big world when you come outside and can’t find your parents.”


I recall going to Disney World with some friends and their 4-5 year old. The joke was that we could have taken him to the hardware store and told him that it was “Pop Rivit Word” and he would have had just as much fun. Which led to us thinking of how to mix the two. You’d need a map of the hardware store with all the different “lands” noted “Water World” (plumbing) “The former forest” (lumber) etc. People dressed in fuzzy tool costumes.


This is my life in a month minus the ham sandwiches.


The happiest hell on earth!


Couldn’t watch all the way through. Guy sounded like Mama from Mama’s Family. Ugh, NTF.

That said, I do agree with Small World, but we have wonderful memories of when our 4 year old girl was there, and got to meet three princesses, one on one, for a good twenty minutes. There was magic that day, for sure.

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this makes me feel less bad that i’ve never been there.

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Little know fact, but Disney Land has been carbon neutral since 1967 and Disney World since 1974. They derive all of their power from the tears of little children.

They even made a documentary:


No, that was one of the best parts. He ran around that place for over an hour. Up and down slides, probably did the cargo net stairs a dozen times. I got to sit on a bench, in the shade. Now, if I’d had a beer…

It was definitely better than visiting Ariel where he stuck his tongue out the whole time. He’s very proud of those pictures.

I’m shocked that nobody has mentioned that impressions de france and the toy story ride are in completely different parks. For shame, disney boingers.

self-refuting statement refutes itself