Disneyland fan who visited every day for eight years earns world record

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I guess it’s an accomplishment and has its perks. Still, I’ve enjoyed my visits there in large part because I wait years between them. Every time, I’ve asked myself “was it really as good as I remembered?” The answer I’ve always come away with is “it’s even better!”


We took our daughter there for one day when she was 9 or 10 in the 90s, it was the perfect age for her to see everything and remember everything.

Didn’t do a thing for me other than watching her have a ball. We’ve never gone back.

Her and her husband are Disney wackadoodles taking their big vacation there once a year and sometimes twice. She was planing a family vacation there before covid, I said we might go with the RV but don’t plan on me eating, living, breathing Disney for a week. My wife will probablly get more involved and convince me, we’ll see.

It’s something they enjoy together, so I’m glad for them but it’s not my cup of tea.

Doesn’t much matter though because as long as Florida politics don’t change I doubt I’d step foot in that state.


FWIW this article is about Disneyland, not Disney World.


I do hope that he got a volume discount, at least. /silly

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I have to wonder what he did there every day? You can’t still be having fun after checks notes 2920 visits by waiting in line for rides or whatever. Plus, no ride is that good that you’d want to ride it that much. So he just wandered around and had a churro or something, I guess? No judgement here, just genuinely curious.

Also, since he has a day job, he wouldn’t have had much time to do this. Like an hour after work, or something? Maybe it was on his way home? It’s kind of a production just to park and get to the gates, so how much time did that eat up? It’s not like going to a coffee shop every day. Just getting into the park can take an hour.

I have so many questions. :smile:


So obviously, I can’t speak for them. But… sharing time!

About fifteen years ago now, I was working for a company in SF. I was in Toronto at the time, and this was before any real options for video chat were any good for groups unless you were going to spend insane money for the enterprise stuff, so I would regularly fly out to SF. How regularly? Every three weeks. For five years.

Along the way, I discovered pin trading and would spend my weekends driving down to Disneyland, going to the parks, and flying home from LA. I had so many points from flying that it was essentially free for me to do this, other than the cost of an annual pass. So if I were to estimate, I probably spent 150-200 days in Disneyland over those 5 years.

Fast-forward to today, and my partner and I spend 3 nights a week or more in Disneyworld. Only a few hours a night, but there nonetheless (and yes, a lot of BBS moderation happens over Disney Wifi!)

Sometimes we ride rides, and we regularly eat there (something folks who don’t travel to the parks may not know is that, especially on the east coast, Disney is very much a dining destination,) but for me, I look at it as the most fabulous park to stroll in ever. Suppose I’m going to go for a walk. Why not do it with literal entertainment and scenery that’s been designed to be fun and enjoyable? In EPCOT, especially during festivals, we can sample food from around the world pretty cheaply, thanks to the discounts for FL residents. If we want to go on rides, great? Want to watch a show? Great? Go visit some animals in Animal Kingdom, or watch the birds use the birdhouses in EPCOT? Awesome! (I’m ten years clean on the pin-trading addiction at this point. Phew!)

Growing up, my family ran a (then third generation) midway. I spent my summers "on the lot, " enjoying the carnival atmosphere. For me, Disney is the ultimate version of that atmosphere.

I needed a lot of things to align for the Disneyland portion to be possible for me. Frequent work trips and the free stays that gave me made it possible. But if I lived near the park (as I do now for Disney World), I could see myself spending a few days a week there until I am old and grey. It’s always different and interesting and a lot more exciting than walking the same circuit in my neighbourhood over and over.

So again, can’t speak for this gentleman, but I totally get the appeal for me. Not every day, but to each their own. :slight_smile:


This popped up in my news feed…

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