This man has visited Disneyland 2,000 days in a row


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I’m just happy that he’s happy.


I am shocked that @doctorow isn’t reporting this!


I’m a little shocked it isn’t @doctorow being reported on!


How much does that cost?!


Before anyone gets too horrified about the cost, an annual pass that lets you attend every single day is ‘only’ $1050. That’s a damn good deal when you consider a daily pass is over $100 now, and that’s less than $3/day when you’re going every single day. As long as he’s not buying any $8 popcorn or $10 water bottles.


All the whuffie.


Am I the only one who read this and thought this is a profoundly unhappy person who is self medicating the best they can.


Thanks. I was genuinely interested. If I lived nearby I’d drop the $1050 myself… 10+ days in Disney would be easy in a year!


Disneyland Obsession should be in the DSM.


You’re not alone


You know how you can tell if someone hates Disney? Don’t worry they’ll tell you.


You would need a signature plus annual pass that has no blockout dates so about $1049 a year.


If that’s the case, this is a hell of a lot cheaper and less devastating than heroin, or even booze, for that matter.

Edited to add: I don’t think this is the case. This is his thing. Some people get super into comics, or cosplay, or video games, or collecting vintage typewriters. Whatever. It isn’t hurting anyone, and if it gives him pleasure, or relief from a mundane existence, I’m happy for him.


We used to live a stonesthrow from the Bronx zoo. We got a yearly pass and used to do our afternoon constitutionals in the zoo. It’s quite liberating to be able to let go of making the most of a single trip admission and just do one or two things and then bounce. The sense of casual familiarity is fun too. I get it.


By the time someone spends six years in a place without leaving, its not accurate to call it “visiting” anymore. Hell, he’s less than 400 days from establishing squatters rights!


2000 days is only 5½ years. I’ve done plenty of things every day for that length of time. Christ, I went to Ironforge every day for more than 5½ years. But that’s not blog worthy. It’s just sad.


Almost as fast as someone around here will describe their distaste for Sportsball.


We have a yearly pass for our local zoo (which started as a landscape part some 140 years ago).
Like you say, it’s very nice to just pop in for a while. It’s a bit like having a big beautiful garden that you don’t have to tend to. I sometimes pop in after work on my way home for an hour or so to wind down.


I try not to pathologize people’s sexual orientations.