Watch this insane amusement park "slingshot" ride make two teenage girls pass out

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That can’t possibly be considered safe.


The (tr)Action Park people must be green with envy (and nausea).


The girl on the right slips her left arm out from under the shoulder restraint! I can’t tell how high up the ride still is at that point, but damn! That can’t be safe if it’s that easy to slip halfway out of the safety gear!


Lots of videos on youtube of people on theses slingshot rides fair number of them have people passing out maybe g-forces

also people losing wigs and tops


I’d do it.

A year after my heart attack we decided to head off to Cedar Pointe where they have some very extreme roller coasters. Most of them have signs about heart conditions so before we went I talked to my cardiologist.

His answer was why would you want to do that, I said because we enjoy roller coasters, he said he didn’t understand, I said you wouldn’t do it but should I not do it. He said he wouldn’t do it but have a ball. (We had the same conversation before I ran a marathon.)

I’ve seen those slingshot rides at amusement parks but there’s always and extra charge and long lines so there are plenty of people that love that stuff and pass out.

The thing I love most about rides like that is the anticipation waiting for them to pull the switch. There’s a ride at Cedar Pointe called Demon Drop, they raise you up very high and then drop you, once you’re latched in at the top you never know when you’re going to drop. That’s fun.

My bucket list still includes the CN Tower EdgeWalk. I may convince my wife but my daughter is in.


Wasn’t there a design for a euthanasia ‘carnival ride’? …uh yeah, here tis, linky

The Euthanasia Coaster is a hypothetical steel roller coaster designed as a euthanasia device to kill its passengers. The concept was conceived in 2010 and made into a scale model by Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas, a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London


Don’t give Matt Gaetz any ideas!


I’ve done the slingshot ride many times. Note the girl passes out a second time after the ride is already stopped, meaning she passed out from fright, not g-forces. People who are afraid to ride these just shouldn’t ride these.

There’s a few seconds of decent acceleration, but after that it’s just a bit of tumbling. The rider is pinned to their seat by the multi-point lap restraints and seat belts, she’s not going anywhere.


ive seen quite a few of these videos but this one is noteworthy for how completely passed out the girl on the left is, and for how hard her friend slaps her trying to wake her up. Her face is going to be sore!


Looks a bit fake to me. Blacking out due to the high Gs is common, but from the moment she screamed and the other girl was ready to cover her mouth I think it was staged.

Fun with G-loading.

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Watched it again, I really don’t see any acting at that point or any other



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They all seem so relaxed when passed out… but then they greet consciousness with the same terror with which we should probably greet any regular morning.


oooh took my breath away…

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Not my cup of tea, but I’d guess it’s significantly less risky than driving.



From that moment, I thought that someone needs a basic course in first aid / common sense. What kind of friend revives another, then cuts off their ability to breathe by pinching their nose and putting their hand over their mouth? :astonished: