Watch: Teenage girl falls out of ride at Six Flags, drops into crowd

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Not so much “catch” her as “be softer to land on than pavement.”


I’m trying to understand how she was faking out of it?

Someone took the ride name too literally.

Seriously though, glad she was ok. Scary shit. I don’t really like “amusement rides” that much.

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That’s often all you can do, I suppose. Still, crazy that an amusement park doesn’t have some kind of cherry picker over at the physical plant. Seems like the most obvious sort of piece of equipment for a place like that.


In some places there’s an inverse relationship between the adoption of practical safety measures/equipment and cost… even while those places go out of their way to tell you to be safe. (File Under: Talk is Cheap)

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Why do you assume that Six Flags Great Escape does not have such equipment? Because they were unable to trot it out in the approx. 120 seconds that the park patron was dangling from the chairlift?


Somehow my brain took “90 seconds” and converted into “10 minutes” which is weird, both for the miscomprehension and the implausibility of dangling anywhere for 10 minutes.


Given that her companion is sitting in the ride vehicle peacefully and in no danger of falling out, is there any viable explanation as to how the teenager came to be in this predicament?

I know we frown on victim-blaming around here… but in the absence of evidence to the contrary, I am going to blame the victim. How hard would it have been to just sit in your damned seat and enjoy the ride?

Update: That didn’t take long -


I’ve ridden on a similar gondola sky ride at the Kansas City zoo, and it would be pretty easy to slip under the restraining bar, if you were inclined to do so. The ride is slow moving and gentle, so the bar is just there to keep you from accidentally falling. It definitely wouldn’t prevent someone from being stupid.


Watch: A crowd completely mis-judge the force by which a teenage girl falls out of ride at Six Flags


Heard this on the radio this morning and said to my kids, “remember that amusement park I said we’d go to this summer…?”

Of course, apparently that radio station was incorrect… they said “between Buffalo and Rochester”, which would have been Darien Lake… this isn’t Darien Lake…

Think I’ll not update the kids… might get me out of some rides at Darien Lake this summer.

Darien Lake is also no longer a Six Flags operation, this being the reason the “Superman: Ride of Steel” coaster is now simply “Ride of Steel”. I haven’t been to the park since the new owners took over, so I have no idea if the place is still even well run.


Oh man, didn’t know that. Don’t think I’ve been there since before it was six flags. Maybe we’ll do Canada’s Wonderland after all…

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Assuming you meant falling rather than faking, since her neck was caught i’d guess that she slipped through the leg aperture.

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Spouse used to go there as a kid (when it was “StoryTown”). Back then, there was only a handrail that came down in front of you. It’s like a ski lift; there’s no place to put your feet.

Also consider Cedar Point, its about the same distance while still being in the US and run by the same company that owns Canada’s Wonderland.

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Haven’t been there in forever, either… But we’re visiting family in Buffalo, and already driving there from CT. Plus want to show kids Toronto…

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Yeah autocorrect fail. Meant falling.

Still how did she slip out it’s not like speed was a factor. And 14 means presumably she was a tony person like a 6 yr old.