Skateboarding in an abandoned nuclear missile silo

I’m hoping that with the dialogue, they shot some of the full feature at a Titan site. I know there was a Titan I site in Washington as well. They were the larger complexes with 3 missile tubes and a central command center, so that would fit what they were talking about.

The cooling tower was obviously a power plant. Looks like a really neat place to poke around! Must have been fun.

I meant to say all of the cooling tower stuff was shot at Satsop. I corrected it.
But yeah, it is a fun place, and you can just drive right up to it. There’s also an acoustics lab built into the reactor room with the two largest reverberation chambers in the world. Those ten foot thick walls are finally good for something


You’re right. It’s a cooling tower that could be part any type of steam-powered electrical generation plant – coal, natural gas, recycled trash, or nuclear. Somehow the image of a cooling tower has come to be associated with nuclear generation stations apparently because the actual nuclear heating doesn’t have the same hyperbolic shape.

And, as Actor noted. it has absolutely nothing to do with missiles or bombs. A missile silo is cylindrical.

It’s Vice. The key to satisfaction is lower standards.

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And completely underground.

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