Guy goes urban spelunking, finds fully stocked underground safe house


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Where? I’m having video issues, so I don’t know if he says so in the video or not.


From the Cyrillic (?) labels, probably not in the USA.


I hope he checked for feral ghouls. I’ve played enough Fallout 4 to know that’s exactly the kind of place they like to hang out.


Darn! I was hoping it was somewhere in Detroit or nearby.


I notice the place has power already; if there’s water, move the heck in!


I think a Russian hideout under Detroit would be big news.

Besides, Detroit has its salt mines:


I know about that. Never been there, though I do remember they had tours.


I know I saw a Stealth Boy on the table where he charged up the dials with his flashlight. Maybe his sneak was leveled up.


Better if you mute the bad 90’s computer game soundtrack.



The soundtrack needs some Doom sfx: doors opening/closing in the distance, mutant demons growling…


good place to get some thinking done.

Talking Heads / Cities


I wish there was a more obvious, standard link to source material on Boingboing posts. I feel like I’m always struggling to find it. As far as I can tell, the only way is if the author links to it somewhere in the post. A lot of blogs have a standard “source” link at the end-- would be a great addition here.


I really wish that he’d spent less time with the fisheye lens and cliched “spooky” soundtrack and a bit more in close-ups of the posters on the walls; it might have verified what the real purpose of the place was. (You can use a bomb shelter as a safe house, but they’re not really the same thing.)


I just figured that the texture maps weren’t high enough resolution to allow the player to read the posters.


Did it have a “Dharma Initiative” logo? If so, go far, far away.


all fun and games until the alarms go off.


A Russian hideout under Detroit isn’t normal, but under Trump it is.


My money is on viral teaser for some ARG