Man built an incredible underground bunker in his backyard

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The end is nye.


I’ve always wanted to build an underground bunker. But this is more my style.


For some reason I want to put my balls on that drum set…

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We’ll have to build a tunnel connecting our bunkers!!!


That is fucking gorgeous.

Screw end of the world, I just want a cave.


“The end is nye!”

What about water and drainage? He must need some kind of pump system if there is any groundwater at all.

And how much did it cost? Just asking for a friend…


Is this the kind of thing where the missing children are uncovered years later?


Um, how will he run the generator underground and not die from the fumes?

I understand he wants to have an air filtration system, but in all actualities he built this without it because it’s cool.

Just not safe if in the unforeseen event he really needs to use it.

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I don’t know about this particular build… But the last place I had surveyed for water had a sixty foot clay cap between the water table and grass. My Pa lived in an area that had 500 feet of clay. (Thick clay is an effective water barrier)

It is possible (and not hard, really) to build passive drainage fields if you aren’t literally on water already. If you keep in mind gravity, pooling, and wicking it shouldn’t be too hard.

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Yeah, end of the world bunkers are just not practical. The moment you vent fumes the zombies will rush in.

Better to just build one for long term cheese storage.


Now he just needs to move all his stuff out again so he can install some proper insulation onto those bare metal walls. Winter ain’t going to be pretty in that thing as it is.

I think all that concrete and dirt will be a pretty good insulator. All the metal studs are on the inside so I imagine he will put plywood over the metal. Should stay around 58 degrees all year round like any cave.

I would have thought it would have been better to lay down a concrete slab in the bottom rather than using pilings then relying on loose slurry to fill in under the floor.

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Once again, I remember why Colin is my Maker God.

Or shamble in, at any rate.


Yep. Some day when I build my wine and cheese lair, I am doing it right.

From outside to in (imagine it is a pit like the article)

Dirt, gravel + perlite, tyvek, then concrete for the walls. Stability, drainage, vapor barrier, and insulation.

The floor needs to have 18" of crushed gravel, and half a dozen vertical french drains leading 12-24’ down. Covered in concrete, no vapor barrier.

Lastly, the roof needs to slightly angle up to a vent, so moisture and fumes will naturally escape. A push/pull system would be even better.


All that concrete and dirt is what’s going to cause the temperature drop in the first place.
There’s no cave in the UK that’s 58 degrees year round, especially not sub clay.
He needs to insulate with polystyrene panels and finish it off with ply.

I wonder if he got planning permission? I can’t imagine you could put that thing in legally without it.