Survive the coming apocalypse inside a big pipe buried underground


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I’m supposed to trust my life and that sort of money to people who can’t spell “engineers?”


and for entertainment you can push this button every 108 minutes, why? It turns out no reason actually.


Does the cost include digging? And can I get mine delivered to Mars?


I kind of wish I had the cash and land available for this, because it seems like a really practical idea right now.


I already signed up with a company called Vault-Tec.


Ah yes, a pop up hatch with a gun. Always remember to have “ballistic wampum” when the SHTF. Why ballistic wampum? Well you may need to trade for supplies, and bullets are better than money or gold, which aren’t really practical when you’re dealing with roving cannibalistic hordes.

Of course, you’re trading bullets for food, and I think all Simpsons aficionados know how well that works out.


They look like septic tanks.


Given current events, don’t be surprised if you wake up to your pipe-home being hooked up too and oil starts barreling through.


World’s fake-iest looking rock, but at least they remembered the important stuff, like the TV and the couch to crash on while you wait for civilization to rebuild itself.


Also then/than. That one really boils my piss.


I’d say the people in that first pic are planning to stay put, apocalypse or not.


These will be great as hobbit holes in the gritty remake!


Not to mention Co2 rather than CO2.

Maybe these people are so-called sanitation engineers (to put it kindly).


Gravity is the bad failure mode here. Just drill a hole in a hatch, pour in petrol or perhaps propane and follow it up with a lit match. Stand back.


my eyes! my eyes!



I need one of these to protect myself from


Agreed with you and @hecep about the poor spelling and grammar. This was the one that screamed out to me right away.

Then again, for their target market literacy isn’t a big selling point.


More correctly, this is the place where you and your family will murder and eat each other, until only one remains.


#Survive the coming apocalypse inside a big pipe buried underground