Looking for a good genre novel? This giant chart could help


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Has anyone been able to see the top of the chart? Or to navigate around the chart? I can’t get above “imaginary voyage” without it dropping out of zoom. I would prefer to be able to just open a page with the zoom, that would work.

I don’t see post-apocachicklit listed in the genres anywhere…

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I didn’t know Monster Erotica was a genre.

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Long on genre - short on good.


Oh, you have a lot of pleasurable catch-up reading to do!

Did you know that mind-control-game-console erotica was a genre? I only found out about that one last night while searching for Pow-wows, or The Long, Lost Friend. The search functionality on FBReader certainly is… unusual.

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Yes. It took a combination of scrolling and pointing. Try reloading the page and playing with it.

But I’m looking for punky electronica… kind of grime… kind of like… new-wave
grime… but kind of maybe like more broken beats, but kinda dubby broken
beats… but a lil bit kind of, soulful… but kind of drum’n’bassy kind
of… do you know what I mean? D’you think they’ve got that?


I can’t get it to zoom in the part of the image overlapped by the “Enter Yo Sign Up” box… I know, I set a minimum font size for accessibility, this breaks everything, and is probably what breaks this, I’m supposed to use zoom for accessibility, although it only sometimes works and also breaks everything…

Solaris is hard SF?

I’ve actually been on the lookout for some good recent-ish hard sci-fi. Any suggestions? I’m new to sci-fi in general.

And what about soft? What’s the difference, anyway? I’m curious.

There isn’t a bright line between them, it’s a continuum, but generally speaking hard SF concerns itself with plausible technological accuracy, although there’s unavoidably some handwaving around things like faster-than-light travel and unobtanium. Soft SF is more unfettered; it doesn’t really care about the nuts & bolts as much as the “what if?”

Uncharitably, soft is stoned teenagers lying in a field gazing into the night sky, hard is Comic Book Guy ginning up an explanation of why Imperial Stormtroopers bother wearing armor that offers no protection against anything.

Arthur C. Clarke and Vernor Vinge are hard, Ray Bradbury and Samuel Delany are soft. Both Contact and 2001 are hard up until their soft denouements.


I see. That makes sense. Sort of. I suppose since I like Arthur C. Clarke, i’m all good then. I’ve always been terrible with the whole genre distinction thing. Except fantasy…that’s usually not my style. But sometimes sci-fi and fantasy can intermingle. OH WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the info. :smile:

Arguably, Contact is all about the science of communication (therory), and thus remains hard until the end.


Just like Matthew McConaughey.

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