Looking for BB.net-posted surreal 50s style Vimeo animation from years ago

I don’t have any idea of a better place to post this, but if it’s incorrectly placed - mods please move. I seem to remember a video that was posted on BoingBoing.net, oh, maybe 6-7 years ago? I’ve Googled around for this over the years on and off again, but my memories are a little vague, and have come up with zilch. Thought I would turn to you brainiacs to help point me in the right direction.

It was an odd 50s magazine/photo cutout style animation that was completely surreal. I don’t remember there being any dialogue. It seemed to be related to telephones or electric wires of communication tech entering people’s homes, and bringing sentience or something to the household machines. It was a blend of 50s photos or magazine/catalog illustrations or cut-outs, mixed with 3d depth-of-field and original animation style. It was all very complex/detailed - extremely stylized. Was so interesting.

I remember it was hosted on Vimeo, and the animation studio that did it specialized in advertising and commercials. I remember looking through a number of their yearly demo reels through their profile and being impressed with who they’ve worked with. The logo or theme of the studio, and most of their original non-advertising animations, were Illuminati/conspiracy themed.

If anyone else would happen to be able to assure me that this isn’t some especially detailed memory that my brain is concocting whole-cloth, I would be very reassured. Knowing the video or studio would be a huge bonus.

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