Lord of the Rings, paperback cover study art (1965)


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$20,000? Why, mine only cost a buck and a quarter! (I loved the cover art too.)


It looks like the edition the Brady Bunch would have had.


And parodied so well by the Harvard Lampoon.


I love that art, but that is just me. It felt alien and yet sort of like ‘regular earth’.

Somehow I ended up with two copies of Bored of the Rings.

And pity stayed his hand (pity I’ve run out of bullets)


I love Tolkien. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly Tolkien-inspired art has a serious kitsch problem. That’s why I tend to prefer illustration like this one that go light on the naturalism.


Really? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this? Time to dig through my boxes of old paperbacks.


“Twas water on the brain. Forced I was to amputate.”
“Why do not thee make a cuckoo clock, or whatever it is you do with your spare time?”

Now you’ve got me started.


That’s so cool that they fit together in a triptych like that.


All my people got at the time was this:


That book is hilarious. Can’t wait for the movie.


Last year I found, in a Goodwill store, that poster mounted a piece of Masonite. 3’ x 6’? 4 x 8’? In any case it seemed HUGE. Like, dominate an entire wall in my living room big.

They were asking $25, and I was sorely tempted. Enough that I went back specially to stare at it and wrangle over whether to buy it.

I found scratches when I returned, and noticed the backing board was warped. That, and questions as to where I’d hang it and how I’d mount it, convinced me not to bother.

It was gone by the next time I visited that Goodwill. I hope it found a good home!


In the 60’s my sister had the poster, I think it was about 5-6ft long


I suddenly really wish this part of my Tolkein collection wasn’t up at my folks’ place. I can’t wait to look at the tryptic in person.


I don’t remember drunk dragons in the “Lord of the Rings”. In fact I don’t remember dragons at all in Lord of the Rings…The Hobbit yeah…but not LOTR.


It was hilarious 40 years ago. Does anybody remember what Goodgulf or Garfinkel’s were? Or narcs?

Japanese copyright laws must be tough. The first episodes of Saki revolve around borrowing a copy of…


I scored those books when they first came out, and have loved the covers ever since. I guarded them from my children, from my (insane) ex-wife, and from time itself. Some day I’ll find out which of my grandchildren will treasure them most and bequeath them to a new generation.

For now, I’m trying to figure out who to kill for the poster.


Herr? Nicht Adel, nur Herr?


That was the unauthorized Ace edition, which preceded the Ballantine one. The Ace was the one I first binge-read over a totally wasted weekend when I was in high school, and although nothing like as good as the BRem covers they had their own charms that haunded me for a long time.

For those rare individuals who have not yet read TLoTR: do not binge read. They’re seductive, and by the end you are so depressed that you won’t be worth a damn for a long time.


Huh. I’ve never seen that art before. Not an American edition I assume?