Los Angeles: Come see Ben Hatke and me at Once Upon a Time books tonight!

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/27/zita-little-robot-mighty-jack.html

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I’ve read all three Zitas, Little Robot, and Mighty Jack to my kid. Good to know there is a new one out, I will have to pick it up for her. Really like Hatke’s style and story telling.

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That’s a fantastic little bookshop. I would describe Montrose as being in the north end of Glendale, though, rather than “near Pasadena.”

Ben Hatke’s extremely popular in our house. There’s such a warm, cozy, comfortable quality to his style. Even got my son an original print from “The Return of Zita the Space Girl” (p. 157!).

This is completely ignorant of me, but it wasn’t until we got into the Zita series that we put two and two together and realized how many other books we owned that had been illustrated by Ben.

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