Los Angeles Housing Department evicted

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/01/29/los-angeles-housing-department-evicted.html


The attached article notes that they are being displaced by another LA governmental organization, LA CARES.

It’s almost Kafkaesque…


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Ultimately, the LAHD and employees from the other displaced departments plan to relocate to the Gas Company Tower, the downtown building made famous in the opening sequence of the action movie Speed.

Until construction in the new offices is completed, however, LAHD employees will temporarily relocate to 444 S Flower Street along with employees from the other displaced offices

The story makes it sound like it was unexpected. Surely not. Surely it was planned? I mean, what commercial tenant doesn’t know in advance when its lease is not going to be renewed and doesn’t make plans in advance for having new premises? Which it sounds like these guys did (make plans - whereas the article tries to make it sound like they were incompetently surprised by this) but because where they want to go is not ready yet, they have a temporary location in the meantime.

I get the metaphor, which is all it is, because really it 's a non-story story, isn’t it.


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