Louis Vuitton Covid face shield

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Form follows function or, in this case, lack of function. There is good reason to think that face shields are ineffective.


We were grocery shopping about a month ago and there was a woman who was wearing a face shield and no mask. We stayed as far away as we could, but I was distressed by the amount of droplets she was exhaling over everything in the store.

We also spotted numerous employees with their noses uncovered. We don’t shop at that store any more.


But a face shield AND a mask are good in higher risk situations.

Took this approach when I had to fly.


Why not? There are plenty of status-obsessed and taste-impaired suckers already willing to shell out a premium price for any object festooned with the ugly LV trademark.


I have a new line of Louis Vuitton products for the folks who buy such stuff. We’ll start with the following.


On the flip side they offer a riot control Louis Vuitton Baton

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