Love libraries? Call your reps and sign a letter demanding continued funding for America's libraries

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But the terror! The Terror!

We can’t afford liberries on account of the Terror!


This type of thing could be far more effective.

If we had in the article and an useful link that listed our Senators…and links to their offices email. etc.

What we won’t care about is driving down a rabbit hole to find these things and have them possible be the wrong address.

Yeah…I know. I should take the extra 10 mins to find that.
I see the links in the article…but it’s still a rabbit hole to dive down to find the correct address, email, etc of the local rep to send this too.

The EFF knew this and had links in their ‘call to action letters’ on the Net Nutrality petition the EFF had a link with a menu…select state…send email…'here’s the number leave a voice msg".

Basically if you want these things to work you need one stop shopping for activism.

So…Maybe Cory…and the EFF can do the same for this bit.
A one stop shopping webpage that can be used in a easy manner to find your local person and send them a letter, email. or telephone call.

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Put in your address or zip code. They will even give you a script for what to say.

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