Love Picking: Locksport meets love locks


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Death-defying wooden cliff path gets scarier as it goes

The wrong locks of love to support. When I had to have my head shaved for surgery a few years back - my locks went here:


Given that “love locks” are nothing more than a selfish blight on public spaces, this is altogether too kind a treatment of them. (Although given that the whole scheme requires a place that wants the damn things, it seems likely to be a non-starter…)


love picking is why I avoid addicts. Their locks are too easily picked.


Love locks are a pest and should be banned from all public spaces. They represent the symbol of a generation that wants to own but not share, a negation of the common good. Graffiti artists put a new coat of paint on our cities, not always in the best places but with value that exceeds the damage. Love locks are a common effort of a zombiefied generation to claim, own and slowly deteriorate. A return to brainless symbolism and habitism. Pick them all or cut them off and throw them to the waste metal and stop making these sweet rules of fair behaviour. Love locks are the very fabric of counter revolution.




Love locks are a hate crime against polyamory.


I love my Locksport hobby. I have never pick any lock that I do not own, so picking a public lock before it is to be destroyed seems to be a noble excuse.


or vice versa. Just keep it all off my frickin lawn.


This is the original lovepicking project page:
Toool is using a picture from the first lovepicking session, unfortunately without giving credit.


@doctorow - someone was googling locks i see… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


[quote=“jerwin, post:8, topic:73334”]
Love locks are a hate crime against polyamory.


In case anyone was curious, one smelts rocks (ore), not locks. The metal in the locks has already been extracted from ore and refined. It’s OK to just say “Send them off to be melted,” or “Send them in for recycling.”


Holy crap, I want that to be a conspiracy theory…

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