MA Governor calls in the National Guard to drive students to school

This. I wish we could have, unvaccinated due to age, Girlchild doing remote learning, but it was a complete shitshow. Technically she’s in a GATE/advanced learning program, but you would have had no idea given what was going on last year. And our district had laptops for all the kids, and contracts with various educational software companies (that they were already using in class). But even with that it was a poor shadow of in person schooling. We supplemented with online tutoring (Kumon), but that only goes so far, and isn’t an option for everyone due to expense.

It’s at a point now where it has to be a calculated risk, to have normal social interactions and schooling, while doing our damndest to minimize risk. But minimal risk is not a non-zero risk.


I hope they’re unarmed.

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The fuck?

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That plan would leave rural areas like mine with nothing. Some of us are only sort of technically in walking distance of our neighbors.


Even in cases where some pediatric hospitals are getting filled? Or when teachers and staff are dying due to Covid?


It’s the same for substitute teachers in many states, I believe.


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