Machine-learning-based image classifier can tell when the bus and bike-lanes are illegally obstructed

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Yes, but can it stop a self-driving Uber from running over a pedestrian?


If it’s like Toronto, shredder trucks are the worst.

Everyone I know in San Francisco is afraid stop in a bus stop (except Uber drivers) because the buses all have cameras that record license plates resulting in tickets.

Surely NYC could do this but doesn’t because the 1percenters need places to park the limos.


newsflash: evidence will change nothing. everybody (i.e. voters) drives, nobody (statistically) bikes, and bus riders are all poor. Lawmakers do. not. care. I suppose NYC would have the biggest preponderance of bus riders and cyclists that are actually doing OK financially combined with the least amount of car-owners, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I agree with everything you just said, except for one thing: New York is out of room for new roads and more cars. So, basically, you need to get people out of their cars and onto bikes, because you can fit a lot more bikes on your existing roadways than cars. So there’s your impetus on the part of bureaucracy; either clear the bike lanes (via ticketing, which generates money) or start budgeting for destruction of existing buildings and construction of new roads (which costs lots and lots of money).


There’s already a perfectly good solution to the problem this solves. A little legwork with a camera would allow him to document the infractions. Whether City Hall has the will to act is an entirely different problem, maybe one that can’t be solved with software.

Unless maybe he hires Cambridge Analytica.

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There’s also clearing the bike lanes by means of physical barriers - instead of: a road profile like:

sidewalk - curb - parked cars - bike lane - moving cars - bike lane - parked cars - curb - sidewalk

Rearrange it like this:

sidewalk - curb - bike lane - curb - parked cars - moving cars - parked cars - curb - bike lane - curb - sidewalk

Lots of folks think they can defy enforcement and park in the bike lane without an expensive ticket, but fewer think they can defy physics and drive their cars through a concrete parking barrier without an expensive mechanic’s bill.


There’s just one pesky problem; sometimes, buildings catch on fire.

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Yes, and? This exact road layout exists all over Europe, where they apparently manage to put out fires just as well as they do here.

If there’s a building on fire and fire trucks in the parking lane and fire hoses across the bike path connecting to the hydrant on the sidewalk and firefighters running around - I’ll get off my bike, cross the street, and walk the bike a block until I can cross back. Maybe I’ll even be a daredevil and ride slowly and carefully against traffic in the opposite-side bike lane - it’s a lot safer than riding against motor traffic.

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