Mad genius builds robotic arm to control synth with Nintendo Power Glove

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Finally! I guess it was just a matter of time until Look Mum No Computer ended up on Boing Boing. Mad genius indeed!
He’s actually in the process of setting up a museum with all his crazy synthesizer inventions - and only because he misunderstood the regulations around a place he newly rented, which mean that he can’t just be used as a workshop but has to be either a health service centre or a museum. (Well, or he didn’t misunderstand them but underestimated the problems in getting it changed.) This is going to be a fun place!
A video he did for LEGO, building an orchestra out of LEGO Star Wars droids, also recently won a Webby Award:


This is actually Sam’s third appearance on BB. The other two articles are linked in the piece.




The best part is that the sync controls the robot, that is controlled by the power glove.

I stand corrected, I thought those were just links to the videos and I didn’t remember the others being posted. I credit him with getting me back into making music again (and also learning soldering!) so I’m always happy to see him here! I also saw him live once, which was a blast, and I think it’s a shame he’s now making his setup more reliable from the self-made stripboard stuff because the point where things fail were dependably the funniest moments of the shows.

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