Madison Cawthorn says "fiction novel" 1984 describes our world today, and he's right

Time to vote out this garbage rubbish.


Yeah, I’m familiar (though I doubt Cawthorn is). I was set atwitching by the adjectival use of “fiction” (as opposed to “fictional”). Which is a bit strange, since “non-fiction” is often used adjectivally. :woman_shrugging:


Maybe I’m just a godless communist or something but it really seems like everything the Republicans say and do is just proving how wrong and hypocritical they are.
Just today my Republican senator was on twitter talking about how after WWII the government payed for things without going into debt. Dozens of people pointed out that the tax rate on the rich was much higher then.
They rail against critical race theory and try to pass laws which just proved the systematic racism they claim doesn’t exist.
They fight against private businesses mandating vaccines for customers but support businesses right to discriminate against non-heterosexuals.
I mean, rich whiteness is the common thread but damn it almost seems like they are rubbing it in our faces like conspiracy theorists think the Illuminati does.


All of the above ^^, but also I just wanted to add :eyes: for the article tag.


Far too many customers at the bookstores where I worked would helpfully inform me they were looking a for certain “fiction novel” far too often. I didn’t correct them, just internally screamed and wanted to tear my hair.

madi cawthorn is such an idiot. Reach complete enlightenment, rethug morons!


1984 is a great fiction novel to read but it seems like it is becoming the reality we are currently living under more and more each day.

If I could pile on my own critique above the “fiction novel” issue: isn’t “a great novel to read” a phrase that kind of makes the book sound fun? It’s not that it’s technically wrong. But it’s like if someone said, “You won’t want to miss 1984 by George Orwell!”

I just presented the phrase to a friend of mine if they got the same vibe, because I wasn’t sure if this was just me, and they said, “It makes me think he’s never read anything. Like he doesn’t know what reading is like.”

There’s just something wrong with it.


Sure is. It would take much more time to list what’s wrong with madi cawthorn than what’s right with it.


Real “broken clock” moment from Cawthorn there.




1984 is also the subtitle of the Eurythmics track Sex Crime. And (as a skeevy Republican named after an adultery website), the phrase “sex crime” is likely to feature prominently in Madison Cawthorn’s eventual demise. It’s wheels within wheels

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Right-wingers often claim that Orwell changed his beliefs at the end of his life. They won’t provide any evidence though, because there is none. His statement that everything he wrote was in support of Democratic Socialism was written while he was writing 1984, because he was being accused of betraying the revolution by the people who would become tankies a few years later.

Orwell had his own views on who betrayed the revolution, being a Spanish Civil War veteran and having escaped the country after being warned that the Stalinists had put his name on an execution list for fighting for the wrong group (he fought in a Trotskyist international brigade but felt more solidarity with the anarcho-syndicalists, despite not completely agreeing with either of them).


On the contrary, I thought he might’ve meant it’s a great fiction novel to read, as opposed to a great fiction novel with which to install vinyl siding, or brush the cat.

I’d like to add that’s also after he took a bullet through the throat. It’s as useful a rejoinder as any (if any) when someone has scooped out some of the ol’ “I don’t think Orwell would be a socialist today” bullshit.


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