Kickstarting a science fiction anthology that puts Trump policies on blast

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FYI, there are already two books in this genre out there; ‘Alternate Truths’ and ‘More Alternate Truths’. The first was published almost immediately after Trump was elected and the second recently. If you’re into this type of fiction, check these out as well.

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“dealing with the long-term impact of the policies and politics of our current elected leaders.”

I’d consider kicking in if I thought there would be a few stories about what happens if we continue to deficit spend until we reach the point where the US government can no longer find a willing lender.

Of course there has already been a pretty good novel written about much the same thing:

Not sure why anyone would want to read this; the world is depressing enough as it is. This is basically the sci-fi equivalent of those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan.

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Maybe the same reason a person will pick at a scab, or touch a hurting tooth with their tongue?

Sure, things are bad, but imagine all the other interesting ways things could be as bad or worse.

When I was a teen in the 80s, expecting nuclear war at any moment thanks to Reagan and his crew, I read and watched a lot of apocalyptic fiction.


There are some truly hopeful stories in here, as well, but even the bright ones are wrapped in warning tones about where things are headed.

I’ll just cut to the chase and re-read 1984.


I’m in. Short stories are the best way to explore the future. Low risk, high reward - if one sucks, it cost you 15 minutes and you can just go to the next one.


Thank you for your support!

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1984 is a great read, but our anthology has some very unique perspectives that are worth a look. They are two very different works.

Sarah Pinsker, in “That Our Flag Was Still There”, explores the extremes of enforced patriotism and shows us a unique flag raising ceremony where people become the literal embodiment of the stars and stripes. It’s an amazing story that deals with free speech, consumerisation of our national symbols, and the lengths people will go to feed their families.

“Green Glass: A Love Story” visits the absurd inevitable extremes of the widening gap between the “haves” and “have nots” in America as the ultra-wealthy throw lavish parties dripping with priceless trinkets while the support staff anguish behind the scenes about how they’re going to survive through to their next meal.

“One Shot” by Tiffany E. Wilson is her first professional short fiction sale and focuses on a future where monstrous diseases are easily cured with a single syringe worth of medication. But the cost is well beyond the reach of the average American. The state offers platitudes and the pharmaceutical industry offers a sham financial assistance program for which nobody qualifies. What risks would one sick woman be willing to take in order to get her hands on a dose and save her own life?

Four Time Best American Essayist Paul Crenshaw give us “Bulletproof Tattoos,” and shows us America where the only solution to gun violence was more guns because guns are sacrosanct. In a poignant glimpse of a dark future, he writes: “The air,” he said, laughing with her now as he exhaled, “is all bullets. That’s good. You should write that down.”

“But for Grace” by transplant American writer Hal Y. Zhang deals with the struggle Chinese-American teenager, the daughter of conservative immigrants, faces in a post-abortion world when she discovers that she’s become pregnant.

Former NFL Kicker turned activist and author Chris Kluwe contributes “The Machine”, which deals with themes of the impact of automation on the workforce and the rising racist policing of ethnic minorities.

We’ve got some great stories for you.


“1984 is a great read, but our anthology has some very unique perspectives that are worth a look. They are two very different works.”

I was just being snarky; don’t read too much into my avatar’s facial expression.



The KS is already halfway funded! We’ll have project updates including interviews with contributors coming up!

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