A history of American collapse in science fiction, from 1889's Last American to today

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Interesting, but I think the author conflates two genera of fiction unhelpfully – the global catastrophe novel where civilization collapses worldwide due to war, disease, or astronomical collision, and the specific “collapse of US civilization” where it is implied the rest of the world is doing fine but the US is either a barbaric wasteland or reduced to third-world conditions due to invasion or just internal collapse.


Don’t know if mentioned in this book, but I highly recommend the Dryco series by Jack Womack - Ambient, Terraplane, Heathren, Elvissey, Random Acts of Senseless Violence, and Going, Going, Gone.

What ? Nothing about Martha Washington, the beloved heroe created by Alan Moore ?

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Don’t forget the excellent “After America” series by John Birmingham. I never realised he had simply copied down future news reports…


What’s the comic pictured in this post?

Would The Stand (Stephen King) fall into that category? The first half chronicles the collapse of America in pretty decent fashion I thought.

DMZ by Brian Wood

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There is a Collection Edition available. Bought Book 5 just last week.

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