Make and share your own GameBoy adventures without learning to code

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That sounds like so much fun if I was independently wealthy!

It’s very cool and not super complicated at the moment. Right now you can basically build the Gameboy equivalent of a “walking simulator” with some simple event triggers and block pushing puzzles. But that’s kind of the charm of the thing.

The author is considering additional modules to allow for different kinds of games, kind of like NESMaker.

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And then I would never work again.

I don’t know if I really get this. I understand the attraction of homebrew games for retro systems. but isn’t most of the fun learning the internals of these archaic systems? I get why it could be fun to learn/re-learn Z80 assembly language and make a Gameboy game, but if you are going to use a coding-free system, why not target modern machines?


it looks awesome to make my own game. Free online games at llgames

It’s too bad flashcarts that work with the original GB are still kind of expensive.

I think the cheapest one is called, appropriately, the ElCheapo.

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