Make clay robots with your kids


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What if we don’t have kids? Can we pretend we do so that we’ll have an excuse to get this?


Make clay robot children!


Would that be more or less fun than making children the old fashioned way?

Let the debate commence.


Clay robot children don’t wake you at three in the morning.
Clay robot children don’t require day care.
Clay robot children don’t have ten minute tantrums about the "wrong kind of sock.’

Clay robot children > children.

You can make sweet, sweet love without having to make children at all, that seems best.


I think we’re done here. Falcor can close the thread.


You don’t even have to pretend. :laughing:


Here’s a potter (ceramic artist? clay sculptor?) who makes fired ceramic clay ray guns and robots, which I would personally classify as wonderful things. He even has a good robot name - Klapthor.

His work was featured on BoingBoing almost 5 years ago - but the accompanying photo link no longer seems to work:


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