Make serious cash as an Amazon FBA or dropshipping magnate with this comprehensive training

I bought a magnate on amazon it worked great it was one of the neodymium ones .


Yeah - it’s the neocapitalist magnates that don’t work, not the neodymium ones.


aha… so my magnates will have stronger magnatic force if buy them locally.


You cannot buy magnates locally. You have to buy them globally.

Though I’m not sure they aren’t the ones doing the buying, wherever politicos herd together.


It was not, but in the end, it is Amazon that benefits. That’s not to say that their merchants don’t benefit, but this exploit, as you put it, is a double-edge sword. True story: a good friend of mine runs a successful t-shirt business on Amazon as a merchant and FBA wizard. One day he received an email from a well known network television reporter asking about one of the SEO services he had used in the past for his companion website (not Amazon but his .com that does a small amount of business but nearly as much as his Amazon sales). It turns out this company that he had engaged briefly after a cold call they made to him, was listed in the Mueller report. He knew nothing about this. The reporter got hold of the company’s client list and reached out to everyone on the list. After a lengthy email back-and-forth he agreed to speak with her on the phone. He explained to her that the company did some standard keyword optimization that he couldn’t handle himself. It was a one-shot deal. Two weeks later Amazon turned off his account. No explanation, no warning. He was a star seller, had his own dedicated support manager at Amazon, had been invited to tour their headquarters, etc. After his account was turned off, his rep, who he spoke to often, no longer returned his calls, and numerous attempts to find out why his account was turned off failed. He lost most, but not all, of his sources of income. Several months late, his account returned. Again, no explanation. He is not alone. And I could tell you more, much more, about the seedy side of that company, but enough for now. This is the reason I object to these BB adverts.


Somehow I suspect this training leaves out the last step of the process: Amazon uses their analytics to discover you have found something profitable, and takes over your market by cutting you out of their loop.

And really how insulting is it to our intelligence is it say something is

If you are going to make up numbers it doesn’t help to put in weasel words like nearly.

I still think boing boing should pioneer micropayments; I would be happy to voluntarily pay a few cents per article. Or at least just make an annual contribution.


Must be nice. Can you blame them?

Nah, not for not working. But, yeah, in many cases for how they got there.

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That one kind of fits.

Selling on Amazon isn’t passive income. And, unlike BoingBoing Store, Fulfilled by Amazon isn’t drop shipping where you don’t have to buy anything to sell it. With FBA you have to pay for your inventory using your own funds, send it to Amazon and it sits in a warehouse as Amazon sucks cash out of you in storage fees. Meanwhile, you are competing against well funded, aggressive companies who efficiently game amazon’s algorithms using bots as well as dedicated labor, and they cheat, using fake reviews and other methods that violate Amazon TOS, knowing they have the resources to drop an account if caught and come back as a different seller under a different company name.


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