Make serious cash as an Amazon FBA or dropshipping magnate with this comprehensive training

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Has anyone else noticed that BB’s advertorial content doesn’t match up very well with their editorial content? Do they even know anything about Amazon and how they work? It’s not hard to find out if you don’t happen to have any direct experience with them (I do). I see lots of hand-wringing over Facebook and Zuckerberg here, do a little digging into Amazon and Bezos. Like your advert says, It’s not rocket science. Why tarnish BB with this crap?


What, you mean you aren’t interested in upping your golf game, learning Excel, buying all the CBD products ever made, and SEO?


Not only it doesn’t match the editorial content, but those ads attract some of the users anger.
But, maybe whoever decided that boingboing was a good place for that ad also believes that the critics and mockery were actually engagement with the ad.

I think it is better that they are shown here, where users quickly debunk them, and i guess no one buys from them, while they still provide some revenue to maintain the BBS.



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I would wager they pick the ads by the products which generate the most revenue.

Else we would get a lot of ads for neat things like this with a small pool of buyers and a low comission:


I was just about to post: in what world is “dropship magnate” a position any BB reader expects to fill?


The war-torn Inner Sphere of 3025, a la Mechwarrior?


Reading the article, with FBA, you buy the stock beforehand and then sell it. Drop ship doesn’t buy the stock until you have an order. You’re welcome. And now I need a shower.


At least they generally leave the comments on for us to take the piss.
Although there was an advert today (yesterday?) for a cycling mask with a valve that allowed your exhales to pass straight out without filtering, which is probably great for cycling, but no good for disease prevention. The ad is still up, but the comment thread has been deleted.
Could any mods comment on why the thread was deleted (not just locked)?


I would love it if BoingBoing would respond to any criticism of their ads, ever, instead of staying silent in their (metaphorical) bunker. It doesn’t reflect well on them and they owe themselves better.


I hear Beanie Babies are a sure thing


(and @renato and @stephen_schenck and @Hanglyman )

I refer you to my comment on another recent BB Shop thread in reply to someone asking if it could have something to do with money.

The revenue for renting BB space for advertising in this way may contribute to the cost of keeping the lights on, and provides ‘entertainment’ (‘engagement’?) - the life-blood of any website not funded by private means. There have been many discussions here about other methods of funding (subscriptions, etc.) but BB is a private property and its owners have chosen this one. Given how long it’s been going on and the amount of feedback, they cannot be unaware of many people’s views on this. But they know about their metrics and finances, we do not.

I am not defending the utter awfulness and inappropriateness of much of StackCommerce’s advertised products. Many do very much go against what one might have assumed the BB ethic to be. Though they do seem in a perverse way to contribute to some sort of sense of community among many here ‘below the line’.

You may have to @ them to get their attention on the question.


I guess the positive way of looking at it is that there’s clearly a solid wall between the editorial and advertising sides :wink:


it looks like there’s

There must be some touch point(s) somewhere. But yes. StackCommerce is NOT BoingBoing


To misquote ICP:

“Fucking magnates… how do they work?”


All good points, thank you. Truth be told, I was reacting more to the presence of Amazon because I know first hand how absolutely horrid they are and how badly they treat and manipulate their merchants (and anecdotally how badly they treat their employees). I only wish BB could make better choices about who they let in the door. But I do get the economics, having run several websites myself, but this damn knee jerk keeps reacting,

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Understood re Amazon, and agreed. But the BB shop post was, I believe, in any event, an advert for some third party’s wares - i.e. their courses on how to exploit Amazon to financial effect. It was not an actual Amazon advert. (Was it?)

They don’t. Work is for peons.


Ask Cory Doctorow why he stopped blogging here.