The Moskiller can eradicate mosquitoes from your backyard without any chemicals

This would explain this product’s amazon reviews. 63% give it 1 star.


About 15 years ago, Boing Boing advertised something similar to one of these out of the Neiman Marcus catalog, and I bought it based off that recommendation. It was pricey, but if it worked as advertised it would have been be well worth it. In a complete summer, not one mosquito popped up in the trap. Not a single mosquito.

I use Cutter backyard spray every month now and it’s much more effective.


UV light based mosquito killing devices were shown to be ineffective by researchers a long time ago. I don’t know why Boing Boing is advertising one. They just don’t attract many mosquitos at all.

But, of course, the old screen-attached-to-the-back-of-a-fan trick works really well. And it’s cheap. And it’s easy.

Just one youtube video about making one. Enter “fan screen mosquito trap” in youtube.


That’s about an 8’ radius. Not particularly wide if you ask me.


Oh, but then it wouldn’t be free from those nasty evil “chemicals”, would it?

Admittedly, the world really doesn’t need more CO2 emissions.

a universal USB port

Shouldn’t that be “a universal SB port?”


Neat, looks like this has even been commercialized:

Boing Boing should sell these things instead.


So no more humans? :slight_smile:

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The Centers for Disease Control calls them the world’s deadliest animal.

I’ve heard it said that mosquitos have killed 55 billion people.

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Exactly. The UV means this device will draw in a lot of other insects; benevolent ones, while missing most of the mosquitos without a CO2 concentrator.

You don’t need to generate CO2, just concentrate it. Have you ever made bread? Then you’ve generated more CO2 than this would.


I think its more likely a “Universal BS Port”.


Could it have anything to do with money?


Indeed it could. And @Edgar_Carpenter, technically, BB is not advertising this product. It is merely renting page space to StackCommerce whose home page’s first message is:

Monetize in a way that makes you proud

Not sure what pride level BB has in these crapgadget adverts, but they do generate page views and lots of comment, so there’s that.

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$25 for a mesh bag and a couple of bit of wire seems a bit steep. Especially as they say you need a new one every year.
Making one’s own ought to be pretty easy. I wonder whether the ‘bag behind’ or ‘screen in front’ methods differ much in their efficacy.
Also, 20" box fans seem not to be a thing in UK. But cutting and sewing some mesh to whatever fan is to hand seems easy enough.

…Insert Bionic Man noise here…

There is a copy of Disney’s The Parent Trap laying around the house here, but it has failed to trap a single parent. Not a single one.


I was thinking about a contraption that generating static electricity coul be use to destroy MOS transistors and ICs.

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Your wish is my whim.

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Neat trap; my concern is “bycatch” - non-mosquitoes caught in the trap. Do they catch bugs other than mosquitoes? I’d hate to find dead moths or other beneficial insects in the trap. And that’s why I won’t spray my yard for bugs. The bees and other insects that sprays kill would break my heart!

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