Maker Faire is headed back to the Bay Area in 2023!

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Cool; I enjoyed it a lot the last time I went.


I am so excited. Went to the first one way back when and it blew me away.

One of my fondest memories was going to the one in Austin with my children. They loved it, especially the bicycles. Got us into biking for quite awhile.

Nice, Mare Island (actually an erroneously named peninsula) is a great location for the event, and accessible by ferry for those who don’t want to drive. Looking forward to going back this year.

Good for them!

I’m friends with some folks who helped build the original Faires, and it was a sad fact that they never really made any money. They kept scaling it up and up to try and make it viable, but it never was.

Sounds like Dale feels a different approach may work and I’m happy to see him take another swing at it.

Never missed any BAMF’s. Will not miss this one!
My first Maker Faire Bay Area 2006.

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