Maker figures out how to make crystal wings

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For as pretty as the sculpture is, there are a lot more fart and slapping sound effects than I expected.


Maybe he’s growing on me, but I enjoyed this one more than the previous posting. Those are great looking wings, and man, that’s a lot of effort for the payoff. But worth it.


getting past the incessant goofiness, he has a really good eye.

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I liked the fact that he happened to be wearing a “world’s greatest farter” t-shirt when he was using the compressor to make fart noises… I mean “when he was using air to separate the silicon mold material from his form”…


That was definitely disconcerting, as was his cavalier use of a band saw with zero safety guards.

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meh, is he a comedian or an artist? Bored…

I liked this much better than the “Maker figures out how to make crystal meth” thread.

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