“Maker Girl” TV show from China

Figured you folks would appreciate this awesome-ness after our recent very racially sensitive detergent commercial.

I’ll add subtitle if the video gets enough interest but the real good parts include:

“Lets use a Arduino to see how horny shirtless white dudes make me”

“Lets count my boob bounce while I jump rope”

From the YouTube page: Amazingly bad “Maker Girl” themed TV show that aired recently in China. Traditionally Chinese like the brains + beauty combo (given our history of badass pirates, concubines and empresses- even today marriage prospects are based more on University than looks). This embarrassing cute/childlike/idiot thing is really NOT Chinese and is more the influence of Japanese and Korean TV shows.

This show in no way reflects the Chinese Maker movement, everyone is really pretty cool here.


oh that hurts to watch… in many ways.
as a more or less cis white hetero guy who likes to see short shorts and tight shirts and such… just fail so so much fail.


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