Makerbot announces three new 3d printers, including a massive 47.5" tall monster


Dude, you got me all wet, but the big one isn’t 47.5" tall, it’s 45.7cm.


Derp, right you are!

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I can’t help but look back at the early days of Makerbot (like this talk ) and be impressed by how far the hardware has come, but also somewhat shocked at how the values of the company have changed. Dropping open source, the recent patent lawsuit, and now pushing Thingiverse to the side–how did these things happen?


Please please tell me they don’t have onboard DRM. Please.


All the way to 11 :smiley:

Correction: Cory, it was Stratasys, not EOS, that bought Makerbot

as mentioned below Makerbot was bought from Stratasys.
Stratasys makes 3d printers in the region of few thousand $.
The obvious road was to drop open source, thingiverse etc.

Capitalism mate!
(feel free to call me leftist or whatever else comes to mind)


Thingiverse still exists - did I miss an announcement?
Also, Makerbot decided not to have open-source hardware about a year before Stratasys bought them. And frankly I can’t blame them, as long as they still allow people to control and modify their own hardware once bought.
Stratasys’ printer cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s Makerbot’s that cost thousands.

Since no one mentioned it yet. The “completely batshit patent on the totally obvious “invention” of putting see-through sides on a 3D printer” happens to be owned by Stratasys. Who also own Makerbot.


Still waiting until they come with a input hopper which turns empty recycleable containers into feedstock.

“You’ll get a new robot when you’ve collected 23 more 2 liter pop bottles.”



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Sounds like the company values may have collided with reality.

"It may be that these patents have expired, or that Eos Stratasys, Makerbot’s new corporate owner, holds or licenses the patents. "

You can’t be bothered to find out who it is who bought MakerBot (it takes one visit to Wikipedia) or look up who owns the “batshit” patent…? Do you just rush to publish, like putting “First!” in the comments?

The machines have changed a lot between these newly announced ones (post-Stratasys) and all previous generations (pre-Stratasys & open source). Who knew… it takes a lot of $ and the associated business practices that go along with it to make a really nice product. Surprise!

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