Making a computer voice that "people like"


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“Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore.”



The Speak & Spell voice is perfectly likable. We could have just quit right there.



The voice D could fit pretty well with the concept of moe anthropomorphism.

My smart house, or my lab electronics controller, could do way worse than with an anime-girl kind of personification.


A masculine [voice] was chosen to sound “objective and natural” and “like a trusted colleague.”

Seems legit. The feminine voice was full of wiles and irrational demands.


Rawr Rawr!



Why stick only with human voice? Include all communicative sounds that evoke emotion. Go around the valley.

Because selling stuff.


Meow? Meow!!!





It’s not how Siri talks that bothers me so much as what Siri says.

Disappointing. Very disappointing.


This is maybe only tangentially relevant, but I think the “voice” of the robots in Interstellar was great. Not so much the vocal tone–it sounded like a human because it was a human–but something about the inflection was perfect.

Let’s just have computers text actor Bill Irwin when they need to say something out loud.

[accidental reply, not meant to be directly about the Siri post above]


That last question probably requires an Android phone. I’m told they dream of electric sheep.


I think they could have pulled off a childlike voice with the right mascot:


Tesco recently changed the sound of their self service check outs to a male voice because, apparently, the female voice was as annoying as fuck. How strange we humans are.



They didn’t ask me; I much preferred the female voice.


I liked the male voice until it wished me a “Happy Christmas”.