Man born with "virtually no brain" has advanced math degree

I don’t think I agree… at least here, money plays a big role. Hence, Trump or Palin. I’m not sure that smarts is key… because they all hire smart guys to manipulate the system.

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I’d say that certain kind of smarts is key but I agree that a substantial help can be bought. (Sometimes I moonlight as an advisor to a PR advisor.) You still have to be smart enough, or at least lucky enough, to buy the proper kind of help, though. You need to be more smart if you don’t start with enough money.

Of course you can be dumb as a rock in the other areas. But if you can climb the career ladder, the world is your oyster. (Don’t ask me why somebody would want something fishy and slimy, but that’s how the idiom goes.)

This just looks weird now without the comment it was attached too… but I love this gif anyway.

Dude, you just summed up politics right there. Honestly, do we need to go much deeper than that… with some rare exceptions, I’m sort of suspect of anyone who wants to be a politician. I think there are some out there who really do give a shit and believe in the ability of the public sector to make people’s lives better… but here in American, we tend to be over run by the fishy and slimy…

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Nothing new about this.
There ain’t much we haven’t carved out of human brains and still ended up with humans.
Where is all that so important neurological activity happening?
The fucking Cloud?
I don’t buy that.
But we fucking know one thing, beyond a shadow of a doubt
Brains aren’t all their cracked up to be.

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People have been saying that you only use 10% of your brain for a long time, but it took a mathematician to accept the inherent challenge in that statement.

I wonder what his energy usage is like? A normally-sized brain takes up about 20% of the body’s energy, so it would be interesting to see whether that’s significantly different here.

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Ha, you wish! My brain is just as completely cracked up as advertised.


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