Watch this motorbike engine disintegrate a millimeter at a time


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So they put it on a giant mill ‘n’ drill and took it down a millimeter at a time?


Scan every layer, make a 3d model.


The misleading text implies that we’ll see it go away entirely. We didn’t even make it to the valves!


Fun fact, this is how histological scanning of organs is done.

For instance, when someone dies and donates their brain for science, they scan it by deep-freezing it, then grind off a tiny amount, take an ultra high rez photo of the ground surface, grind it down just a tiny bit more, another photo, rinse and repeat. Eventually you get a stack of photos of the brain’s structure in one hand, and a pile of rapidly melting ground up brain-dust in the other.


Reverse-engineering of integrated circuits (or fault analysis) is done also the same way. This time you polish away layer by layer and the layers are thinner, but the principle stays.


Interesting. I didn’t know that.

I assumed that since most printed circuits are entirely 2D, you could just look at them with a sufficiently powerful microscope. Like with scanning probe microscopy or something.


Printed circuits, you need xray or peeling apart the layers for multilayer ones, especially the more-than-2-layers ones. (2-layer ones, just strip the parts and scan the boards.)

Integrated circuits are also multilayer. You have two or more layers of metalization and vias in between them.


I assume the black-and-white one is an electron micrograph? It’s very pretty.


Yes. There are many more on the Net, ask google images for “integrated circuit” “cross section”. And/or “electron microscope”.


I’d seriously like to get that stuff framed for my wall. Along with micrographs of biological stuff.


That. And xrays of all sorts of things.


It’s cool to see the insides of things. How they are put together, and how they work. I really like watching x-ray videos from way back in the day before they didn’t know looking at someone’s skull for an hour and a half would melt their brain. You get to see lots of different processes that are going on all the time, but you don’t notice piloting the meat-puppet around. Our bodies are masters of automation :smiley:


The “exploded view” is my favorite technical illustration. Here’s the engine in the Ducati bikes my dad had when I was a kid:


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