Time-lapse video of wood being shaved down one layer at a time


It’s The Visible Tree Project

You could stack the images in voxels and re-slice it digitally from arbitrary angles, or evaluate the 3D texture on arbitrary surfaces immersed in it, or pull out isosurfaces of color from the interior and 3D print them.


Not a sander… a plane.


Reminds me a bit of the atmosphere of Jupiter.

That was great!

Or take the video and go frame by frame, detect edges, turn the data into a point cloud and show it in a 3d viewer, for a tomograph-like image of the wood’s internal structure.

Would be even cooler if it was automated.

Similar effect could be achieved with polishing and etching metals. Polish, etch, photograph, repeat for a millimeter. The result will then be a 3d structure of the metal grain. If automated, so the manual work is reduced to manageable state, it could be a great thing for metallurgy; maybe for analysis of samples but certainly for teaching. Couple with VR to view the files, and the understanding of metal microstructures would be much easier. Visualisations of cracks in materials/parts would also benefit greatly.

Another use of the same tech, this time with added gigapixel photo stacking, is with integrated circuits. Polish layer by layer, to expose the structures and show them as a 3d map.

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What a great idea! Shows that nothing matches reality for gnarliness.

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