Man busted for high speed chase "learnt to drive on a Playstation game."

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So confused about the aspect ratio in this pic. Some elements look fine, while others are clearly horizontally stretched. And wasn’t the first-gen PlayStation 4:3-only?

It’s easy to forget the controls when you switch interfaces. That’s why I taped a pink square to my brake pedal and a blue “X” on the accelerator.


Let’s just hope this doesn’t become more common. What if everybody had no real driving experience besides the virtual?

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Here it is mooshed back into a 4:3 Ratio. It looks like someone just decided to take the original 4:3, stretch it out like a doofus, and called it good:


I don’t know if I can take this story seriously without a gratuitous nauseating GIF…

Okay, that’s better. Now it’s the BoingBoing I know and love.


Luckily, his barrister had studied up on the PSP and got him off on an emulation, though of course when he does drive again he’ll have to hold his hands in the 16: and 9 positions.

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I thought eLearning is a trendy and good thing?

Adam Jones of Skegness, England was given a year jail sentence for “aggravated vehicle taking and driving without a license or insurance” after leading police on a 100mph chase that damaged countless cars.

Wouldn’t GTA have been a more appropriate screenshot? :smile:



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