Man cuts his PC cables to a perfectly satisfying length


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What was that maneuver where he torched the heat-shrink tubing, then removed it? Seemed like his intention may have been to leave some residue right where the wire is clamped to the connector shielding braid ends.


That looks amazing, by how is he handling SATA power connectors? Molex stuff is pretty straightforward, but SATA power connectors don’t use crimp fittings.


He’s heating it up so that it cinches up around the end of the crimp fitting and the end of the nylon sleeve. then snipping the collar of the excess bit and pulling it off while the heat shrink tubing is still soft enough to tear. It’s probably more about preventing the sleeve from moving than it is about preventing a short since Molex style connectors are deeply gated.


Impressive cables indeed, but I just want his mousepad.


Someone on BoingBoing who is tech savvy should set up a website that is like PornHub but it has videos of neatly arranged cables.

The website could have a kink section for those who like tangled cords.


I was just going to post, “There is something pornographic about this.” Maybe there is a fetish site called “Crimper” or “Cabinet of Cable Discipline”.


I own a Leak Stereo30 amp from the early 60s. The cabling is a thing of beauty. Heavy gauge wire bent to precise angles like tiny but complex plumbing.


This brought a tear to my eye. Such unfathomable beauty.


Et voila!

(and @euansmith)


Oooooo nice.

Now if you’ll excuse me I will forget about this entirely and continue building computers that look like a rat’s nest inside.


Why not PornHub? They seem to cater to pretty much all tastes, kinks and fetishes there.


It’s funny you mention this, because I was thinking of taking this video and superimposing whip cracking noises, complete with groans of satisfaction and release, at all the key moments of crimping, cutting and emplacement.


ASMR PC construction would be better.


Yeah that is good, but it needs to be categorised according to your specific cabling interests. For example:

  • Younger cables
  • Older cables
  • Groups of cables
  • Solo cables
  • Videos of vintage cables


I, on the other hand, have no idea.


Reddit has a “cableporn” subreddit, that might do it for you.


Aww yeah baby, let me see that rubberized fabric insulation, I love the way it drapes on those knobs and tubes.


Some of the older types of cable were made from milk; that stuff is degrading.


Watching the video it looks like he was only making Molex stuff. I don’t think the video showed the whole story.

Also this belongs in /r/cableporn (ETA: Looks like this subreddit was already mentioned by @sosumi.)