Man draws "Hardest kanji"

uh, that’s not “Kanji” it’s called “Pac Man”


According to a YouTube commenter, it’s a Zebra Sarasa Clip gel ink pen. The appearance of that pen is compatible with with the one in the video, though I’m not sure it’s distinct enough from what I can see that that I’d say that’s the pen.


I do not believe that is a real character.

Since practically the dawn of civilization. The ancient Egyptians had their “Hieratic” script for writing at a reasonable speed for documents that didn’t need to be pretty. There was a one-to-one mapping with hieroglyphs, but the hieratic characters were much easier to write.


Thanks! Obrigado!

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I agree with @Hellokitty that this is almost certainly a fake character. But if you look at the rest of Takumi’s videos (or just his Youtube handle, “Japanese calligrapher Takumi”) you’ll see his focus is on calligraphy, and what he’s illustrating here is good composition. Kanji are meant to fill squares, and with a character this ridiculously complex, getting all the radicals and other components to fill the box with a pleasing composition is a real trick.

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It’s likely a talisman made up of myriad individual kanji like dragon, phoenix, road, farm, mountain, etc. It’s certainly pleasing to look at and watch being made but it’s definitely not a real kanji.


I don’t have any experience writing anything more complicated than hiragana, but I think without any guides it’s probably difficult. That said much like we’re writing on lined paper they just have what’s basically checkered paper specifically for writing and the boxes can even be subdivided into 4 squares so placement is easier for students. (google Genkou Youshi)

I feel you on those algebra issues though, and it’s a good comparison imo since checkered paper helps haha

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It does have a phoenix, a dragon, three deer, two mountains, six "dirt"s, three fields, one rain, and a bunch of other stuff.


Those are kind of cheating since one is made up (the infamous biang) and the rest are rigiji (the same kanji multiple times). Two of them incorporate 龍 (ryū/dragon), with its 16 strokes that pretty much guarantees it’s gonna suck to write out. Fun list, though.


Fun fact, if you use recursive compression on this character, it reduces to 嘘.

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