Man faces 7 years for disabling red light cameras

That people are so vain that they flock to intersections that have cameras, thus causing an increase in accidents?


YOUR (?) government in action.

Will somebody please direct me to the gentleman’s Paypal account? I seem to have found part of his legal defense fund.

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we should train pigeons to shit on the camera lens.


Indeed. But to be fair our government also provides a few useful services like education, infrastructure (roads etc.), security, and much etc. Have a look at Mexico or the Ukraine or Syria for what it looks like when there’s minimal or no gubmint at all.

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Good point. I’m in for a donation too if anyone posts it.

A better point would be that, in the U.S., mandatory sentencing apparently applies to convictions of selling cannabis but not raping someone behind a dumpster in front of two eye-witnesses.


are you disappointed in me?

Not at all. I’m glad you pointed that out, because that’s exactly what’s so ridiculous: according to the books, his conviction meant he was facing up to six years whereas someone convicted of selling Schedule I substances is facing a minimum of [x] years.

But see also this case

in which a sentence for a drug courier was reduced from a potential thirty-three to forty-one months in federal prison, to six months of home confinement.

Class based sentencing disparities prompted Congress to enact mandatory minimum sentences, which in turned fueled mass incarceration policies…


Huh. I knew that states had the freedom to change the criteria for charges or their degree (in some states, for example, possession of Schedule I is a misdemeanor). Didn’t know that judges had similar latitude.

I can’t be the only one who sees the irony in this video being posted by an organization called “Photography is Not a Crime.”

Yeah, I’m confused because I thought the state had decided that municipalities had to do away with the cameras. They found an uptick in accidents and found that many cities had decreased the yellow light time, which flew in the face of a vehicle code. And people were fighting them left and right, and winning their cases. I know that Garden Grove has removed the ones that I’d see and I noticed that one is gone in a nearby intersection in Long Beach.

By the way, I do know that if you’re already in the intersection you shouldn’t be cited.

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Yellow Light being only 3 seconds (instead of 5) causing accidents: I understand.

Having a Red Light camera at an intersection causing accidents: I do not understand.

Also, this guy thinking he could post these videos and not get into a world of hurt: I do not understand. Robin Hood always made sure he was one step ahead of the sheriff and posted anonymously.


It is trivial math to determine the correct time the light should be yellow (human reaction time and speed). In addition, we live in an era when a moisture / temperature sensor costs essentially zero in comparison to the traffic light. Adding such a sensor would allow the yellow light time to be adjusted when conditions warrant. Our government is so very exquisitely fucked up.


So let me get this straight, when the city installed red light cameras, they also reduced the warning that the lights was about to turn red?
Why would you do that (except to increase fines)? Surely it’s just going to increase accidents, when the whole point of the red light camera is to reduce them (by making people less lightly to drive through a red)?
The UK law is that when the green light turns amber, if you can stop safely before the line then you must do, else you keep going. The length of time that the light is amber is the same across every light in the country.

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Initially, he faced up to 8, prosecutors ended up asking the Judge for 6.

Actually, there was a statutory minimum of 2 years. It’s just that judges can deviate from statutory sentences in exceptional cases that warrant leniency. You know, like when someone rapes someone behind a dumpster in front of two eye-witnesses.


Yes, but what nationality was the judge in the case? Asking for a friend.