Undercover cop runs a red light and tries to ticket driver who recorded it


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Mmm - quick question, how was the drivers turn legal? His light was red as well.


He was already in the intersection? before it was red. He needs to clear the intersection.


The cops all lost their jobs right?


Yeah… I guess? But that light was pretty damn yellow. He should have braked and stayed out of the intersection IMO. But I guess yellow means “gun it!”

The cop had no excuse, though.




Agreed. I thought the exact same thing here that this dude should have waited to turn left just as much as the cop should have stopped too.

What do ya know. Two wrongs make a left turn.


If you are in an intersection waiting to make a turn and the light changes, you do not sit in the intersection waiting for it to change again. You clear the intersection.


There isn’t even a left turn arrow on that light. At a lot of intersections, turning left on yellow is your only chance.


Yes. I got that knowledge in my head since I’ve been a licensed driver for nearly 30 years now.

But he rolled right through to the light passing the stop line before braking to turn left. As was pointed out above and I agree it seems he was trying to beat the light himself.

Edit: replying to @Heraclito I agree though at the beginning of the signal change over it may actually delay one side for left turns. We have some that do that here.


Well, not at that one, it was pretty barren at night. But as someone who has to make such turns, I would never have gunned it at that yellow light with that other car there - for the very reason of what happened. If there was no other car then yeah, gun the yellow, but too many people gun the yellow that I wouldn’t dare risk turning with another car coming at me.



“Well look at that! That dashcam broke all by itself!”


Yeah… and thats the problem with the filth here in the USA… they not only hit the streets after being told nothing is more important than their personal safety but also with the attitude that their word is law even if it’s demonstrably false.
It’s time to ditch the serve and protect pretense.


In New York State it is legal to enter the intersection on a steady yellow light; you don’t need to stop or even slow down (and if you do the guy behind you will honk).


I would reflexively have gunned it through that yellow light. That “undercover” car was behind the line when it turned yellow and should have stayed. Our hero was already in the intersection.


I always think about that scene when zooming past yellow lights


I am not familiar with any state law that says you CANNOT enter an intersection on a yellow.

I never said what this guy did was illegal. If I did, by all means show me that comment.


I bet those cops have got S.C.M.O.D.S


The turning driver enters the intersection on green, then the light changes to yellow a split second later when already past the crosswalk- unless it’s unsafe, he has to clear the intersection… the cop wasn’t traveling at such a speed that it would be hard to stop. Pretty clear-cut who was in the right. Still, the unprotected left turn is probably the most dangerous maneuver in ordinary driving and you should never assume the oncoming traffic will stop. I was once the passenger in a car hit by a car who gunned it on yellow. Woke up strapped to a stretcher, but no serious injuries thankfully. Better to be safe than in the right in this case.


It was at the line, but it hadn’t actually STOPPED. Drive safe!