Man forced to surrender his "offensive Star Trek license plate

Here is an example of the sort of discussion of Star Trek Nazi (Ekosian) uniforms.
“Of interest also is that the Gestapo insignia worn by Kirk is not an actual insignia of the SS. Kirk’s insignia consists of three silver pips sewn in a straight line with the last pip sewn on top of a silver bar. No such insignia existed in the historical SS, but the insignia seen on Kirk may very well be unique to Ekos.
Additionally, a costume error occurs towards the end of the episode, where Kirk and company are hiding in the cloak room inside the Ekosian Chancellery. During this one scene, the bottom pip of Kirk’s rank patch suddenly becomes gold where before all three pips were silver.”

Fans are obsessive. Since we work with antique military uniforms, I have encountered people who reproduce Ekosian uniforms, and even “Cabaret” HJ uniforms.

You don’t have a right to not be offended. Just because someone doesn’t get it does not mean they have the right to take it away.

I’m sure you’re offended by the word ‘niggardly’ too, aren’t you?

It’s an official government thing. The guy lives in an area full of First Nations residents. It’s just good taste to not fucking display that plate.

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On this we can agree. I suppose this can be the common denominator between Trek fans and the “cosplayers” I encounter here.

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Ok, I literally had a scholarship from Starfleet, but even I think that’s a bit much…


I knew you and I would eventually find common ground!


That was just a sample. it goes on and on. interesting, but not really my thing. I have a lot more enthusiasm for the props and uniforms from the “Alien” series. We have made some 1:1 replicas of Nostromo bridge chairs and control panels, and dropship ejection seats.
But there is no detail too minor or production too obscure for there to not be a community of obsessive nerds. We have made flight jackets to match those worn in the 1970 production of “Catch 22”. Also Corso’s book bag from "Ninth Gate"
But back on topic, losing the plate is probably a big deal to that guy. He is like Milton in “office space:”, and someone wants his red stapler.



Shaka, when the walls fell…


Another Rorschach is how offended people get when you talk about ruffled feathers when discussing -Indians Native Americans First Nations People.

Bore repeating

ALL of THIS is true, factual, and civil fellow citizens should not be distressed to render this tiny fucking sop of consideration to people, and Peoples, that literally gave their all so that the present society can exist in its present state. Or State, to be precise.

Wrong was done in the past, and proper behaviour is to bend over backwards, and be seen to bend over backwards, to underline that we are not those people anymore, we are better.

Personally am damned proud of my Canadian cousins. Will die in a ditch for them, if I get the chance, they are good people.


So I, white male that I am, don’t find it offensive, and think probably other people shouldn’t either, for several reasons which are mostly irrelevant here. But here is the thing: some people do anyway, and I don’t think their feelings are wrong or irrelevant just because I disagree.

So then the question is, what to do about it? That depends on the situation. In the case of vanity license plates I think the answer is to err on the side of extreme caution. If it seems likely to offend or demonstrated to offend, it should be stopping. Vanity or not, a license plate is a government document, and should be subject to much higher standards than private speech.

I think the problem here is trying to make someone at fault and someone the victim. I don’t think the guy with the license plate should feel like he is being accused of being a racist asshole, nor should anyone else. He made a license plate he found cute and fun, but it bothered someone else. So he was asked to change it. No need to make a big deal out of it.


Toothbrush mustaches used to be cool once, and Pepe wasn’t made to be the face of the white supremacist movement. Assholes always ruin things for everyone.


I really wish I could remember which famous writer said “Humans are gods’ little shit machines. We turn everything good, into shit”. I suspect it was someone like Kilgore Trout. :wink:


Pretty sure that “vehicle” is more offensive than anything you could write on it.

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Change it to ADSIML8 or something, win big with the Latinists and evade that bad ole gubbmint censorships!

Troller disagrees that it’s offensive.

This sentence can literally be used in 95% of internet comment sections…


“Christ, what an asshole…”

Works for me.

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