Man with 90-minute memory loop thinks every day is March 14, 2005

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Like living in a P.K. Dick story.


The Leicester Mercury, on BoingBoing? Never thought I’d see the day.


I liked this Sandler/Barrymore flick. It had a very cute ending…plus the Walrus was funny.


3 years ago my husband had an episode of transient global amnesia (it was found to have been a very long-term side-effect of brain tumor surgery he underwent in his teens). He was stuck in a memory loop of about 4 minutes for several hours. It took a while to be able to gather ourselves enough to make our way to the ER because I had to constantly re-explain in detail what we were doing, why he felt so strange, etc.

Thankfully, his memory retention gradually returned to normal later that day, but we now live with a little dark cloud, a faint fear, of what such a memory glitch would be like long term. When reading accounts by Oliver Sacks of severe Korsakoff’s syndrome victims, the prospect of living trapped forever into such a state is terrifying, especially since we’ve had a first-hand glimpse at it. Brains are crazy, funny things.


And, interestingly, that movie was released 13 February, 2005.

And of all the days to be looped on, a root canal.


I have to get my wisdom teeth out, and I keep putting it off because I’m terrified of something like this. I have some amnesia still surrounding my thyroidectomy 3 years ago.


You don’t have to be knocked out for wisdom teeth, most people just prefer it.


I was a thinking it would be awful to live like that, but then realized he doesn’t. He’s got 90 minutes to learn what happened, get sad, then it is gone.

Must awful for the family, though.

Yeah, the sounds (and occasionally effort) associated with wisdom teeth removals can be pretty disturbing.


Could be worse… Imagine if he was one of those paid Trump Presidential Announcement Folks, so that half of his working memory was just watching a bloated gas-bag ride an escalator.


But imagine your relief, when you find out that you don’t actually have to go and get it, that it was already done? And you get to relive that relief… Every 90 minutes?


You know that feeling when you have a word on the tip of your tongue but can’t remember the one you want? I once forgot about 50% of my vocabulary after being poisoned. Lost a wide range of the most used nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives, left alone most connectives and pronouns. I could still form sentences but spent most of the time describing the word or phrase I was searching for instead of coming to the point. It was fucking hellish and I’m sure is in some way connected to my propensity for verbal diarrhea that persists today.

anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. :slight_smile:


Imagine being disappointed by the Hitchhikkers Guide to the Galaxy…over…and over…and over again. The Horror.

what was the poison?

Misidentified mushroom soup. I do not recommend the recipe.

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my neighborhood is a haven for wild mushrooms, so I looked into some identification websites once. I brought home a bunch of tasty-looking mushrooms and got on the internet. like usual, it was inconclusive; from the visual ID they were between “delicious” and “deadly poisonous.” so the tie-breaker was a spore print. let a cap sit on paper overnight to reveal a green color. I believe the coloquial name of that species was something like “Angel of Death.” fuuuck that shit. so much for mushroom-hunting.


I’m a fainter AND a gagger. For everyone’s sake I should be knocked out.

I just can’t believe he wakes up every day knowing what date it should be. I often have to check multiple times during the day.