Man with colorblindness becomes overwhelmed when he tries on special glasses


Why did they give them to him in a monochrome cubicle farm instead of an art museum or botanical gardens or someplace?

EDIT: Or Venice Beach?


Hmm. I was prescribed with glasses early (6 or 8 years old can’t remember) and was told to wear them to see distance. Only for the black board or TV Mostly refused because I didn’t want to be picked on (I was anyway). So one day when I was 11. After a particularly perplexing volley ball game in gym class. I decided to dig a 2 years out of date pair of specs out of my back pack. I was floored by the fact that people have faces. Not broad black lines to denominate eyes in a vague color gradient from pink at the bottom to hair color at the top. I only got made fun of a few times. Because in the early offing I was liberal with the “holy shit I’ve known you my whole life and I’ve never seen your face” and after that I was clear about why I needed them and had fun with the everyone passes their specs around to see who’s blindest schtick.

I had a 4th grade teacher tell you’re wife’s same story. Holy shit she saw leaves for the first time. And I actually scoffed in class. I need glasses and don’t wear them! And I know what leaves are. And then I put on a broken wrong prescription pair of specs and god cock shit balls there are leaves more than 3 feet away. Too this day I won’t do contacts and wouldn’t consider lasic unless I had to. I look better in them, feel better in them, and every time I put them on I can remember the first time a looked across a room and saw people I knew instead of pink blobs I identified by sound.

And my eye sight isn’t all that bad -1.75, -1.75 is my script. Don’t need any special lenses or bifocals or the thick shit or anything.


I’ll be wanting laser eye surgery as soon as I can afford it, but then again my eyes are more -7 or-8. I can barely see a thing without my glasses. It would be such joy to be able to see in the shower.


Yeah I don’t blame you on that. Honestly even a marginal improvement at that level would be incredible. And from what I understand its not unusual to find you might need a light prescription, at least for reading, after surgery for that level of correction. I just don’t really feel natural without the specs on. And I’m lucky enough to be able to wear very fashionable un-intrusive frames and thin lenses. At this point its a bit of who I am, and I’d feel a bit like an ass wearing prescription-less “fashion frames”. If I was in your place, and had it fixed. I’d probably find myself doing that. Wearing empty frames. Its been so long at this point I feel a bit lost without something on my face. Never mind that my visual range is sub 2 feet at this point.


Colourblindness happens when the response of your colour receptors (cones) overlaps a bit too much. For red/green, there is a little bit at the highest frequencies where you see red only, and at the bottom there is a little bit where you detect green only, but for the most part you detect pretty much equal red and green, so you can’t separate them. These glasses work by filtering out the overlapped region. It’s very clever, but it does block out a lot of light - so they will work better outside, where everything is much brighter. Details from Enchroma here

As for the 10 minutes to adjust - I guess it takes a while to comprehend seeing a whole new colour. It must be an amazing experience! I’m very slightly RG colourblind - I can achieve a similar effect by changing the ambient lighting. Some colours kind of shimmer - they look grey, but I can tell that there is more to see there.


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