Man with colorblindness becomes overwhelmed when he tries on special glasses

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Like finally getting his mutant powers.


I really hope this is real! I am not being cynical, but as someone whose life is all about color, I find this really touching.


I’m a sucker for these things. I watched Baby Piper put on her eye glasses like 52 million times earlier this week.


Cant watch the video right now…
Were his first words
“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”


This is interesting. Though the “related” article mentions that it takes about 10 minutes for your brain to start processing the colours, and that it only works outside on a sunny day… This guy seems to notice the difference immediately, and indoors/under fluorescent lighting. I’m not calling shenanigans (at least, not yet), as I don’t really understand why they apparently only work outdoors on a sunny day, or why the brain takes so long to start processing colours (and what the variance on that kind of thing might be). At any rate, the non-cynical side of me just thinks “awesome”. And I’ll leave it at that.


i am very slightly red-green challenged. not so much that i can’t pass color blind tests, but there are certain ones that take concentration. also, that eyesight test that was one what, a couple weeks ago? yeah, i could never hit Eagle. it would be fun to try these out.

This is your brain on colour.

My wife has pretty bad eyesight, but it wasn’t discovered until she had been to school for a few years and she was struggling to see the board from the front of the class. Once she was given glasses, she spent some time walking around like this, realising that other people had been able to see individual leaves on the trees the whole time, when all she saw was a fuzzy shape.


That happened to my brother. He stood in our front yard and kept saying, the trees have individual leaves! Over and over. He was in third grade.


People are never going to learn to film in landscape format, are they?


Great, now he finally sees all colors wrong like we do…


How can you tell he is really seeing green green, hu? Hu? Exactly.

I’m red-green colorblind. First of all, you can’t “correct” color blindness the way you can correct for a mis-shapen eyes with lenses - those who are colorblind don’t have as many red and green “cones”, so we’ll never see as much red and green. So all you can do is make greens more green and reds more red so that the difference is more obvious. I can go into photoshop and do this myself by playing with the color levels, if I want a rough estimate of how others see the world. I don’t think it would take my brain 10 minutes to catch up with this either, I find that suspicious.

But whatever, if all the glasses do is play with the “levels” in real time, I’m sure it’s an amazing and emotional experience. I would love to be able to look at a strawberry patch and have the red ripe strawberries jump out at me like they do to most people.

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i have atrociously bad eyesight, and every couple years when i get my prescription updated i spend time freaking out about how DETAILED everything looks.

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only when the bezel is wide enough on the sides and the convenience is there, like it is in portrait mode now.

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If I didn’t know about the glasses, I would have assumed he was on shrooms.


I did that exactly! Third grade, like koocheeckoo’s brother. The detail–the leaves especially–were just so exciting. It almost made up for being the one of the few third graders in glasses.


Shenanigans. This man is an actor and this is a commercial.

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I’m fairly sure that the reason for this will be because the glasses work by blocking light selectively along the spectrum, and consequently they have to darken the image considerably. Our color receptors only work with lots of light (hence the world looks monochrome at night). If you’re indoors with normal vision, you have enough light to see color, but if you’re indoors with dark glasses on, color is getting weaker and you’re seeing as much via brightness and memory than by actual hue - poor conditions if you don’t actually know what colors you’re trying to see. I assume the product suggests people to start out in ideal conditions first. (These glasses have to chop out the wavelengths at the peaks of colour you’re most able to see in order to obtain separation between the too-close-to-overlapping red and green receptors, leaving only the weaker trailing edges of their bellcurves, then also cut down most of the blue to keep them color balanced.)

If you’ll shoot your video in a horizontal format I am sure we could arrange a kickstarter.

Are there glasses to correct potato phone?