Man with selfie stick films pickpockets, who get nabbed by cops

In a remarkable twist you’re typing using language that sounds like you should be thrown down the stairs


Who went back to search for when the cops spotted the pickpockets?

The cop in the red shirt seems to appear at 2:18 for the first time, but being quiet far behind at that point he must have already spottet the thieves a while before and had fallen back to make sure a punishable crime had been committed.

Those cops also didn’t do this for the first time: By punching the male pickpocket hard in the spine (I guess because: no muscle, pretty hurtful) the first cop confused and baffled him and took control of the situation (he new he was going to handle both thieves alone), while his partner was stopping the victims.
Altough you might find some kind of satisfaction from watching criminals getting busted, take it as a reminder cops are trained to take care of you, if you might somehow become the object of their purpose…


happened to my girlfriend at the 49ers first superbowl parade downtown in '81. We’re walking with the crowd and someone taps her and says your backpack is open. Guess what? Small purse gone.

I simply hope you aren’t thinking that two people taking the piss of themselves are racists, in earnest.

Also, while anti-German stereotypes might sound racists, they are well earned. I, for one, can easily defend my place in the world at the pool with a towel alone!

I can’t decide that for US Americans, I’ll leave that to you. Sidenote, I was under the impression that being a citizen of God’s own country didn’t count as being part of a racial or ethnic group, in general?


I apologize. I didn’t recognize the self-effacement.

At least you don’t talk in a language which sounds like a typewriter thrown down the stairs.

Exchange “typewriter” out with “silverware”, and you have the American insult about the Chinese languages. This is the first time I’d ever even conceived it would be used to describe German.


I first thought the woman in the black hat was the pickpocket. Then, the moment the man takes out his camera for a snap, I thought he was being pickpocketed just off frame, possibly by a youth we don’t get a good look at. Then it all unravels at the end.

In horror movies the protagonists talk about how they’re going to stay close to each other, and you can tell when people separate that one is going to be killed. In this case, when the man gets obliviously far ahead of the woman is when it’s clear she is going to be pickpocketed. If this was indeed a sting, then that separation was by design, to give the pickpockets a clear chance to do their thing.

looks like a china manor

…and can’t you do landscape formatting on you tube live streaming now

I wonder if anyone’s ever tried putting a steel trap in their backpack? That would be a sight.

I’ve heard it said that, to non-English speakers, English sounds like two snakes hissing at each other.

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I think it also depends on who’s doing the talking and who’s describing it. I had a conversation with a Romanian woman on the train from Bucharest’s Gara du Nord station to Chisinau, Moldova back in 2005.
She wanted to practice her English for a bit and let her son see an actual USian. You could tell she was an Anglophile, because she described her impression of “the Queen’s English” as the sound of two Champagne glasses clinking together.


Also in Europe it’s the most common second language. Often people learn their country’s native language + English, especially if their language is less common. (Ex: Nordic countries langs, Dutch lang, Belgian).

I think the cop in red had observed the girl in the backpack way before they reached the intersection - and was waiting for his partner to catch up before he attempted to detain them. He was already hanging back and was out of sight, and then they both came running around the corner and up the steps to the street crossing.

You really want this? You’ll be walking around with an improperly updated version of your Microsoft firmware, a pickmind will use a wifi hijack to access your brain implant, install his ransomware, and you’ll have to convert all your vacation Euros into Bitcoin to pay him off.

i use the ascii version of boing boing, print the comment pages, and fax in my responses. sometime around 2048 i plan to get my first cellphone. so i might not be considered an earlier adopter.

also, technological implants are likely to be confused with the mark of the beast, and we really don’t need any further acceleration of the end times.

oto. pickpocket protection, and maybe cbp can’t search your things when your things are yourself, so… win?

Oh, don’t think they won’t plug you in. A full year before it’s implemented, lobbyists will be working to further nuance search and seizure legislation under the Patriot Act.

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Yep, that’s what happened

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