Man with suspended driver's license picks worst location to join his Zoom court hearing (video)

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Could have been worse. At least his lawyer wasn’t a cat.


The defender tried their best, but…



I suppose the Defender could try changing the conditions of the test, not believing in the no-win scenario. :smiling_face:


I’m almost positive this same thing happened a couple of years ago with a different defendant.


“That’s not my client, it’s a cat.”



I wonder if anyone has ever shown up to one of these suspended license hearings by crashing their car into the courtroom like the Kool-Aid man.


This is both a little amusing and a lot sad.

It’s yet another argument against the US’s extreme dependence on cars.

Car dependence isn’t just bad for the environment, for health/safety, for social isolation, etc… It also means that people go to jail because they have no other way to visit their doctor’s office.


Not quite the same, but similar:


Even if the charge wasn’t driving on a suspended license why would you enter the court proceeding while driving?

And then tell the judge to hang on while you park.

Mistakes were made.


It could be worse.


LOL. This wasn’t even “who are you going to trust me or your damn lying eyes.”

This was like… “here we go again.”

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That silence from the judge starting at 1:22 is long and ponderous.

oof. What an utterly colossal mistake. I almost feel bad.

The look on his face at the moment he realized what he’d done was priceless. A clear “oh shit” moment.

It’s a totally avoidable series of actions. I suppose the first of which is that having your license suspended having NO effect on your day-to-day life. No “is this trip worth being caught”, no “is there someone who can drive me so I don’t break the law”, no “can I pay for a cab or an uber or take a bus for this trip”. Much in the way I decided that I was going to drive despite doctor’s orders after I got my straight leg brace off after ACL surgery-- of COURSE I drove to the doctor to get the “news” that I was “ok to drive”. Since I in no way changed my behavior after the “your brace is off but no driving until we assess you at your next visit”, they could have easily determined that I was driving since I had no one with me and could easily see me walking through the parking lot to and from my car. However, since it was not against the law for me to drive (merely unsafe as suggested by my doctor but of course I Knew Better) I wasn’t really worried.
Then to schedule your doctor’s appointment (sure why not) the same day as your hearing-- well, beggars can’t be choosers. Assuming he was being honest about where he was going.
And SINCE he never changed his driving behavior on the basis of having his license suspended, it never occurred to him that he needed to do anything special on his court date (!)
How lucky are you to have a zoom court date for driving with a suspended license?? How easy would that have been-- don’t have to even go through the theatre of having a friend drive you or getting an uber or cab… just have to be home for that day…
It’s not clear why his license was suspended in the first place. Where he was driving the day of the hearing? Wouldn’t surprise me if part or all of his money is driving for pay (explicitly or implicitly)

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