Manifesto of an angry pacifist

How about this…

All you fossil-fuel diehard, gun-toting, knuckle-dragging caveman lickspittle authoritarian military-industrial complex hierarchy-loving, children-killing, toxic vermin arsehole scumbags just fuck. right. off. to all the shitholes in the world that have borne the brunt of your constant pissing on the increasingly laughable notion of the brotherhood of man, and let the hippy scientists take over and guide the rest of us away from the worst of this utter. fucking. shitstorm. you greedy, hateful, fuckstains have created.

/mic drop


I forgot to throw ‘stingy’ in there somewhere.


Does anyone think it’s in realm of possibility for enough folks to agree with the above sentiment to ever get some sort of action on it happening?

Now, does anyone think it’s actually impossible.

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yes! I say lets start a non-money system. We have to get everyone to agree to it first but I think people would be much happier.

No more federal government, central banks, no NSA, no CIA. no more debt, no more wars. Sounds like paradise, lets make it happen!


Judging by the lack of likes on the OP, I’m not optimistic : (

But you should ask @William_Holz about the CooperNation anyway.

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you never know ;)))

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We’ve got the makings of a plan, but it’s surprisingly non-fighty. Just us creating a peaceful collection of varied governments inside the uber-powerful legal shell of a corporation, turning campuses into charter cities where people can experiment with their own lives, and giving the people to choose ‘productive, peaceful citizenship’ over ‘Wal-mart’ and 'Unempoyment.

We’ve done all the grunt work, now it’s just a matter of getting the idea in the right hands!

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Quarterly update: no amendments or additions

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